Lil’ Butters Are About To Be Your Next Big Obsession



Calling all social butterflies – Lil’ Butters are about to be your next big obsession. What are Lil’ Butters, exactly? They are collectable butterfly toys, each with their own unique personalities that ask the question “How Far Can You Fly?”

If you’ve ever felt like you needed a friend or felt a little unsure of yourself, these adorable butterflies are here to help! Lil’ Butters each represent a feeling or a personality trait, just like the ones you go through every day. Finding your Lil’ Buttersmatch (or matches) means you’ll always have a friend to rely on and inspire you. Like surrounding yourself with great friends and family, each who understand you on a different level, surrounding yourself with Lil’ Butters has the same effect. They help you get in touch with who you are and celebrate all of your traits, all of your flaws, and everything that makes you…YOU!

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